Patti LaBelle Invited Her Number One Sweet Potato Pie Fan to Thanksgiving

Patti LaBelle spent Thanksgiving with James Wright, the YouTuber whose review of LaBelle’s sweet potato pie went viral

Wright spent Thanksgiving, also his birthday, with LaBelle at her home in Philadelphia.

After his rave review of Patti LaBelle’s sweet potato pies went viral and helped them go flying off Walmart’s shelves — at one point, the retailer was selling one pie per second — new YouTube legend James Wright received a very special invitation from Patti herself, to join her family’s Thanksgiving feast.

In a video filmed in the soul siren’s Philadelphia home, LaBelle and Wright perform a quick duo of “On My Own” by LaBelle and Michael McDonald, presumably before sitting down to a giant turkey dinner.

On his Facebook page, Wright made sure to document every moment of his special evening with LaBelle, including footage of another duet, “You Are My Friend,” and videos of the decadent spread, featuring LaBelle’s own shrimp and lobster macaroni and cheese.

Wright even celebrated his birthday, which happened to fall on Thanksgiving, with LaBelle and her family, getting serenaded with a special rendition of “Happy Birthday.”