Over the Top Dishes to Show Mom How Much She’s Appreciated

Cook an extravagant dish especially for Mom this Mother’s Day to show her how much she really means to you


Make ravioli from scratch to show Mom how much you love her.

Don’t let Mother’s Day catch you by surprise again this year. This is the one day out of 365 that is set aside for you to show your magical mom how much she really means to you. As the woman who bought you into the world, she definitely deserves more than a last-minute card and a cheap box of chocolates. This year, treat your mom to a decadent, homemade dish — no matter whether it’s breakfast, lunch, dinner, or dessert, the effort you’ve gone to just for her, will definitely show how much she really means to you.

Over the Top Dishes to Show Mom How Much She’s Appreciated (Slideshow)

Skip the busy restaurants filled with doting families, and win the prize for the best son or daughter this Mother’s Day by cooking up a storm in your own kitchen. If you’re not an expert cook, don’t worry, we have included several extravagant dishes which even the least experienced cook will be able to master. But if you are an expert chef, then this is your time to show off your skills and really shine. By setting aside some of your precious time and cooking one of these over the top dishes with love and care, you’ll definitely be putting a smile on your mom’s face, and will be treating her to the best meal she’s had all year, because it was made just for her.

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By going one step further this year and using your time (and money, if you opt for the lobster and caviar dish) to create Mom’s Mother’s Day gift, you will make her the happiest mom on the planet. Make her favorite dish, whether that’s a Champagne layer cake or freshly seared scallops, serve it with care, and sit down to enjoy a few moments together, and relish in your culinary abilities. And if she doesn’t want to share, then you’ll have to accept it: This is her special day after all.