The Most (And Least) Romantic Cities, According To Instacart

February 14 is almost here, which means lovebirds will be buying flowers and candy by the bulk for special people in their lives. While Valentine's Day is traditionally celebrated by people across the country, some geographical areas are reportedly more sentimental than others.

Instacart — the nation's largest on-demand grocery delivery service — released its second annual "Romance Index," which showcases the most and least romantic cities across the U.S. The results are based on 12 universally lovey-dovey search terms on the brand's website that spiked last February.

This includes: chocolate, flowers, strawberries, Champagne, truffle, cookies, dessert, hearts, roses, wine, Valentine, and candy.

Well, the results are in, and for the second year in a row, Boston was nominated as the most romantic city in America. Proceeding from Beantown the list continues with Atlanta, Austin, Philadelphia, Charlotte, Oakland, Washington, D.C., and Chicago.

People in these hubs ordered surpluses of heart-shaped groceries like candy, cookies, and pizza. In fact, the company says that searches for the word "heart" jumped by an astounding 219 percent nationwide during February.

The least romantic city is allegedly Indianapolis, followed by Raleigh, Orlando, Seattle, Denver, San Diego, San Antonio, and Houston (we have a problem). Last year's head villain, Miami, fell off the "least" list completely, as did runners-up Los Angeles and Brooklyn.

While Bostonians are apparently feeling the love this February, not everyone has been struck by Cupid's arrow. Here's how to have a good time on Valentine's Day even if you're single.