M&M’s Releases 2 Limited Edition Valentine’s Day-Themed Flavors

M&M’s has released two limited-edition flavors just in time for Valentine’s Day and, of course, they're pink

One flavor is exclusive to Walmart, and the other to Target.

M&M’s is getting ready for Valentine’s Day early this year, with two limited-edition releases that go heavy on the holiday’s color scheme of pink, red, and more pink.

The first is a white strawberry shortcake flavor that comes in white, cream, and pink shells, and reminded an Impulsive Buy reviewer of a strawberry Skittle. “With a hint of vanilla and sugar-filled creaminess, the elements come together just enough to remind me of the strawberry and whipped topping (think: Cool Whip from the tub) often found in strawberry shortcake,” according to the review.

These M&M’s are exclusive to Target and are technically meant for Easter — but it’s January and here they are.

The second Valentine’s M&M’s are exclusive to Walmart, and come in Strawberry Chocolate flavor. They come in red and pink shells, and have already been listed on eBay for a small profit.


We can’t imagine why anyone would need these M&M’s so badly that they’d need to scalp them from eBay, but love is strange.