How to Avoid Over-Indulging During the Holidays

Skip the over-eating stress and follow our tips for a healthier holiday
Healthy Holiday Tips

The secret to a guilt-free holiday is easy: just follow these tips


The holiday season is really meant for indulgence. Sticking to any sort of diet, or even just watching what you eat, can be a real challenge around this time of year. There's an awful lot of temptation, and stuffing ourselves to the brim is commonplace.

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But there are tricks that can help you avoid the guilty feelings that come along with overeating and overindulging. A few key actions here and there make it easy to avoid bloating and the need to unbutton your pants at the dinner table. Most importantly, hydrate. The easiest things to confuse are hunger and thirst. You might be sitting in the kitchen, watching mom cook the turkey and salivating, thinking about how starving you are. Grab a glass of water first. Drink the whole thing. Still hungry? Possibly, but you certainly won't be shoveling down those mashed potatoes as fast if you are well-hydrated.


Avoiding serious overindulgence is really about smart eating. Avoid heavy items, opting for fresh vegetables whenever possible. Take a smaller piece of pie. Slow down and actually savor your food. It is easy to resist the temptation to stuff yourself to the gills this holiday season. Take some of our tips with you to the dinner table.

Avoid Heavy Dishes

You'll still need to be conscious of how much you put on your plate, but grabbing green beans, other fresh vegetables, and lighter dishes will leave you feeling more satisfied and less heavy than cream-laden potatoes and cheese-draped casseroles would.



Beware of Dessert

Pumpkin pie, apple pie, chocolate silk pie, pecan pie. Holidays are rife with desserts that can be hard to turn down. Instead of eating a slice of every pie, choose the one that you like most and just have an average slice. You'll feel less guilty and less stuffed.