This Easter-Themed Pizza Is Topped With Cadbury Creme Eggs

A pizza shop in the U.K. has introduced a new pizza catering only to those with the highest tolerance for sweets: A Cadbury Creme Egg pizza.

Crazy Pedro's, a Manchester pizzeria known for inventive toppings — and last year, created the "Dirty Northerner," a poutine-like pizza featuring fries, cheese, and gravy — debuted the dessert pizza to celebrate Easter. The pizza, called "I Am the ResurrEGGtion," includes chocolate sauce in place of marinara, marshmallows, a brownie meringue, and a "soft creme egg."

"Easter is the time to indulge and what better way than to fill your face with pizza and chocolate? Lyndon Higginson, executive director of Crazy Pedro's, said in a statement.

Unfortunately for Brits, the Cadbury-topped pizza will not feature the Creme Egg recipe that most generations have come to love. In 2014, Cadbury made the unpopular decision to replace its dairy milk chocolate with a cheaper cocoa mix — which Americans have been eating for years — and suffered a $9 million slump in sales as a result