Easter Egg Decorating for Grown-Ups

Take your egg decorating to the next level


Ombre eggs are an on-trend, easy way to decorate this Easter.

Easter egg decorating: It’s not just for kids. Sure, there’s a certain joy in sharing holiday memories with the youngest members of your family, but if you really want to make gorgeous Easter eggs, you need to leave decorating to the adults.

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These eggs aren’t your standard dyed eggs, they’re sophisticated, modern, and can be a little more difficult to make than your traditional eggs. But, the effort is totally worth the payoff.

Before you go to the grocery store and buy dozens and dozens of white chicken eggs with the intention of decorating and eating them, know that not exactly all of these eggs are meant to be eaten. For instance, our chalkboard eggs, doily eggs, glitter dot eggs, and yarn-wrapped eggs are for looking, not eating. Instead of hard-boiling these eggs, you can blow them out or use wooden eggs. Not only will these techniques save you from potentially poisoning yourself, they’ll also make your decorated Easter eggs reusable for future Easters.