9 Craziest Foods That Have Ever Been Dyed Green

Yeah, we’re not sure if these foods look so appetizing anymore
Green potatoes


Green mashed potatoes? Yeah, we'll pass...

There are many St. Patrick’s Day traditions: wearing green so you don’t get pinched, pretending to be Irish whether or not you actually are, drinking beer and whiskey until you can’t see straight, and dyeing anything and everything green.

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Why green? No one really knows for sure. According to The Huffington Post, blue was originally the color associated with St. Patrick’s Day, but over time it shifted a few hues until people began rocking the green we are familiar with today. Green most likely took over thanks to Ireland’s “Emerald Isle” nickname, the green color in the Irish flag, and the lucky green clover.

And green is everywhere on St. Paddy’s Day. Chicago dyes the entire Chicago River green for its annual St. Patrick’s Day celebrations, bars dye beer green, and people around the United States make everyday dishes green to celebrate Ireland. This last of these results in some pretty bizarre combinations. From cottage cheese to lemons to spaghetti, here are 9 foods that have been dyed green — whether you want them to be that way or not.