3 Things You Should Never Bring Up on Thanksgiving

Some things are better left unsaid
Thanksgiving Dinner


Everyone will be thankful these three topics were not discussed.

Holidays can be stressful. Every family has its problems, but holidays are the time to put aside your differences and be thankful for the family members and friends who surround you. That being said, there are some topics of conversation that can spoil a perfectly good evening. If you want everything to run smoothly this Thanksgiving, we suggest avoiding these topics.

Calorie Count

Thanksgiving dinner is the grand feast of the year. No one wants to hear your thoughts on how many calories the gravy adds to the turkey, or how much fat is in the pecan pie. Maybe you’re currently dieting, but other people may not be. Let everyone enjoy their Thanksgiving fat and happy without reminding them of the food coma they’ll be in post-dinner. 

Past Relationships

Previous relationships can be painful topics, especially around the holidays.Even if you think someone is over their previous boyfriend or girlfriend, brining it up may bring back painful memories for them. Avoid talking about anyone’s past relationship unless they open up about it first. No one needs to be feeling alone on one of the most family-oriented holidays of the year.

Your Problems

You may be going through a rough time, but Thanksgiving is not the time to discuss all of your problems. Whether they be individual issues or problems with the people at dinner, you should burry your issues for the sake of a peaceful meal. Instead of focusing on the negative aspects of your life, remember everything you’re thankful for this Thanksgiving to ensure you have a wonderful evening.

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