13 Harmless but Mind-Blowing Food Pranks for Halloween

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There’s nothing better than a sneaky food prank for Halloween.

There’s nothing more fun than pranking the people you love. There are only a few times a year you can get away with playing ridiculous practical jokes, and Halloween is one of them. We’ve compiled a list of the top food pranks on YouTube — so hilarious that you’ll probably want to test them out.

Trick your friends into thinking they’re about to enjoy a delicious egg roll, or prank people eating food in the park. There are so many possibilities when you get creative. We found a surprising number of people who love messing with their significant other’s food. Can you imagine your boyfriend or girlfriend doing that? Some of these pranks are so mind-blowing that you won’t believe someone could pull them off. Try these out this Halloween to really spook complete strangers, your friends, or even your significant other.

Can’t We Share?

Can’t We Share?

fouseyTUBE / YouTube

Watch as this guy steals food from a bunch of outraged people.

This hilarious video shows one prankster as he goes up to different people on the beach, pretends to be their friend and then starts eating their food. You’ll be surprised at some people’s reactions! One kid even keeps drinking his soda after the featured pranker drinks it.

Click here to see the video.

Cat Food Pie

Cat Food Pie

ReuBekah Vidz / YouTube

Can you imagine if this was your girlfriend?

This guy thinks he’s getting steak pie, but instead his girlfriend fills the whole pie with cat food. The best part of this hilarious video is when he asks, “What flavor is that?” 


Click here to watch the prank.