11 Most Decadent Desserts That Are Kosher For Passover

Passover dietary restrictions can really challenge a cook. Celebrating a holiday without being able to use leavened wheat products means that the dessert that marks the end of your Passover feast will often be underwhelming, or, even worse, non-existent. However, a few restrictions on what ingredients you can and can't use doesn't have to mean that dessert won't be delicious. These 11 recipes will show you how your Passover dinner can end in the most decadent way.

11 Most Decadent Desserts That Are Kosher for Passover (Slideshow)

To create these kosher-for-Passover recipes, there were numerous tricks and substitutions that we turned to again and again. Just because there's no gluten and no raising agents doesn't mean cookies and cakes have to be flat and solid: Whipped egg whites are the perfect solution to all your unleavened baked goods; flour can easily be replaced with ground nuts or matzo meal, you to expand your dessert options wider than just meringues and fresh fruit.

Be as inventive as you can with the desserts you make this Passover. Treat the restrictive set of ingredients as a challenge to demonstrate that, despite the limitations, you can still make many flavorful desserts: Chocolate, meringues, and nuts, are all essential to a tasty Passover-friendly dessert.

Don't end your Passover with a cookie that tastes like cardboard this year. These 11 decadent recipes will enable you — whether you're an expert baker or not — to put a sugar-filled, wheat-free, kosher-friendly sweet treat on the table at the end of the meal, which everybody will love. You may even find yourself making these recipes all year round, rather than just on Passover: There's no sense of anything 'missing' from any of these desserts, unlike so many ingredient-controlled recipes. Read on to discover the delicious world of Pareve Passover desserts.