10 Ways To Decorate Your Christmas Tree With Food

Decorating your Christmas tree is one of the most fun parts of the holiday season. After you work hard to pick out the perfect healthy tree that's the right height for your home, you are ready to adorn it with your favorite decorations. Hanging handed-down ornaments always makes the tree look incredible, but why not try adding a food element to it this year?

Beautifully wrapped candies and sweet smelling treats add a new, edible element to your tree. Have your kids unwrapping presents under dangling ornaments of their favorite candies to keep this holiday full of delicious surprises. If you have pets or babies, be sure to keep the treats higher up on the tree and out of reach.

Americans have commonly used popcorn and cranberries to create Christmas garlands, but we've brainstormed different ways to use these edible treats and others like them. From wrapped candies to homemade chocolate treats, we've compiled 10 delicious decorations for your tree.