10 Romantic Holidays That Aren't Valentine's Day (Slideshow)

10 Romantic Holidays That Aren't Valentine's Day

If you happened to forget about Valentine's Day, you don't need to worry. There are plenty of other romantic and love-themed holidays throughout the year that you can celebrate with your significant other.

Jan. 6 — Cuddle Up Day

It's a long, cold winter out there, so you may as well make it romantic. In the middle of snowy days, celebrate this unofficial early January holiday with your significant other by lighting a fire, cooking up comfort foods, and cuddling up with plenty of blankets and Netflix.

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Jan. 26 — Spouse’s Day

Most people celebrate their relationship with their spouse on their wedding anniversary, but this unofficial day is yet another time to honor the love of your life. Because it comes just two and a half weeks before Valentine's Day, cook your spouse a romantic meal at home to celebrate.

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March 20 — Proposal Day

The vast majority of couples get engaged in the time period between Thanksgiving and Valentine's Day. If you missed that mark and are considering spending the rest of your life with your significant other, give this unofficial holiday a try. Celebrated in conjunction with the vernal equinox, this day is a time to make your commitment permanent.  

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March 26 — Black Marriage Day

Black Marriage Day was launched in 2003 by Nisa Muhammad, founder of the Wedded Bliss Foundation, as a celebration and promotion of marriage in the black community. After finding the marriage rate among African-Americans was dismally low and falling, Muhammad created this holiday to honor and promote marriage. It's now celebrated in over 300 communities.

April 23 — Lover’s Day

Not to be confused with the many food-lover's days out there, this unofficial holiday is meant to be spent with the one you're deeply in love with. Make this day as elaborate as you can, with red roses, chocolates, and an evening spent being, well, lovers. It is the name of the holiday, after all.

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May 1 — May Day

April showers bring May flowers, and this classically charming holiday. Mark the start of warm weather by honoring this pagan springtime festival with a classic May basket. In the late 1800s, May baskets were made of paper and filled with treats such as flowers, small gifts, and candies, and hung on doors. Show someone you love them by bringing this tradition back.

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May 12 — Military Spouse Day

Celebrated on the Friday before Mother's Day, this American national holiday honors the sacrifices that military spouses have to endure, from raising families, being separated from their spouse for extended periods of time, and sometimes losing their soulmate in battle. Each year, the president marks this holiday with an official proclamation.

June 6 — International Kissing Day

There are plenty of ways to express your love to someone, but a kiss has to be one of the best. Kissing can reduce blood pressure, release happy endorphins, and even burn a few calories. So celebrate your love (and the pleasure of a good smooch) by freshening up your breath and spending this pleasant unofficial June holiday locking lips.

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July 30 — International Friendship Day

Romantic love isn't the only thing it takes to have a strong relationship. Your significant other should be your best friend, too. This international holiday, decreed by the United Nations in 2011, celebrates the many benefits of friendship. Celebrate this day by reconnecting with your significant other and reliving all of the things that made you fall in love with this particular friend in the first place.

Oct. 15 — Sweetest Day

Call it the Midwestern, autumnal alternative to Valentine's Day. Celebrated in the Great Lakes area every October, this holiday is just like Feb. 14: filled with romantic dinners, heart-shaped boxes of candy, and flowers. Though some may dismiss Sweetest Day is a "Hallmark holiday" (it was created by confectionary companies), it's really just another excuse for a romantic evening as the weather gets colder and the days shorter. And who can't get behind that?

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