10 Dishes to Make for Christmas Morning Breakfast

Unwrapping presents really builds up an appetite
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Sunny Side Up Breakfast Pizza


Feed your family one of these incredible dishes on Christmas morning! 

You’ve spent all morning giving gifts and unwrapping beautiful presents. There’s tons of ripped-up wrapping paper on the floor, and your kids have started putting red bows on their heads, when everyone suddenly starts feeling hungry. It’s your show now, and time to make something fantastic for Christmas morning.

These Christmas-inspired breakfast dishes will help keep the merriment going all day. From incredible eggnog French toast to healthy merry berry Christmas parfaits, we’ve rounded up the best breakfast items to feed to your family come Christmas morning. It’s important to fill your family up on Christmas morning so they have energy to spend hanging out with the family all day long. Whether that means all going skiing together or going to see the new Star Wars, a quality breakfast is necessary for a day filled with energy and holiday cheer!