Holiday Glassware Guide

It's glassware galore this holiday season: find out what you need for your parties

Originally published in 2011, eveything here still holds true today, and we've even added some great deals on glassware to buy this holiday season!

Still looking for that perfect holiday gift? Consider glassware. Seriously, it's something every wine lover needs. Considering that we tend to break glasses on a regular basis, even if we started the year with a full cupboard, there is always a time to replenish our supplies.

So what kind of glasses should you buy for your wine lover? That's an interesting and somewhat complex question that I can only begin to answer. So let me tell you what kind of glasses you can buy for me!

To begin with, I generally use only two styles of glassware: Burgundy and Bordeaux, as they are roughly known. I don't see the need for specific glasses for syrah, chianti, viognier, and ripple, though you could probably find one for each. And why serve champagne in flutes? I don't even like the often-aggressive bubbles in my sparklers as much as I like the aromas, which are as easy to appreciate in a flute as they were in the bottle.

So here are some tips on what to look for and what to buy when shopping for glassware this holiday season.

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— Gregory Del Piaz, Snooth