Holiday Gift Ideas For Fitness Lovers In Los Angeles

Holiday Gift Ideas For Fitness Lovers In Los Angeles

 Avac Life)

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Not sure what to get for your favorite fitness fanatics for a holiday gift? Chances are, health is at the top of their lists, and we’ve got a few ideas from some of our favorite Los Angeles based brands that will have them plyometric jumping for joy!

For The Time Starved Fitness Lover

 Tanja Djelevic/Teri Ann Krefting)

(credit: Tanja Djelevic/Teri Ann Krefting)

TNT Total Body System DVD
Loud Fitness

If you’re lucky enough to live in LA, being able to workout with Tanja Djelevic (Loud Fitness) and Teri Ann Krefting is like finding fitness gold. With clients ranging from A-list celebrities to contestants on The Biggest Loser Sweden and everyone in between, this charismatic duo also teaches fitness classes at the top gyms in Hollywood. In fact, the classes are filled to the brim week after week by people looking to get pushed like never before. TNT Total Body System is a DVD offering a high intensity workout that covers all bases for a well-rounded fitness program: cardio, strength, and recovery. Equipment requirement is minimal, but mental grit is a must, and it’s perfect to fit a workout in at home or while traveling. The regimen is hardcore, but don’t you worry, their infectious energy and down-to-earth vibe will keep you coming back for more. With 10-minute workouts to mix and match, there’s always time to get a sweat in. TNT Total Body System is currently available for purchase online, visit the website for more details.

For The Fashionable Fitness Fatale


(credit: Onzie)

Onzie Active Apparel

Right at the intersection of style and function, Venice based Onzie offers fun patterns, a vibrant color palette, and fashion-forward designs. Their clothing passes the test for everything from Pilates to the most rigorous of practices. Some styles are perfect for use outside of they gym, like their elastic bra top, a perfect partner to backless fashion. Onzie is priced right too, and made with love from start to finish right here in Los Angeles. Available online and at select local retailers.


Lululemon Athletica
103 S Robertson Blvd
Los Angeles, CA 90048
(310) 550-6239

By now, most people have heard of Lululemon. The store, which is known for its comfortable athletic apparel for both men and women stands apart from other retailers selling workout clothes though. With apparel for yoga, running, and everyday use, the clothes here not only feel good on, but also look great and are durable. For a gift, consider buying anything from outerwear to workout pants, tank tops, stretch workout shorts and much more. The store carries a range of products, all suitable for a great gift.

For The Self-Help Health Enthusiast

 Jill Miller)

(credit: Jill Miller)

The Roll Model® Book
(818) 760-2045

Like a machine, our bodies undergo the same wear and tear. And, while many of us send our cars in for regular maintenance, we neglect to tune ourselves up. But what if there was a self-care manual that showed people of all ages and activity levels how to naturally erase pain, increase performance and mobility, and simply live better in their bodies? Written by Studio City based Jill Miller, creator of The Roll Model® Method and a pioneer in fitness, anatomy and movement, “The Roll Model” is a step-by-step guide book to erase pain, improve mobility and live better your body. Featuring countless rolling techniques that address the entire body with ease and efficacy, it is no wonder Miller’s first book debuted at number one on Amazon (in the categories of Exercise and Fitness, Healing, Pain Management, and Injury Rehabilitation). The Roll Model® is available for purchase at local bookstores, Costco, and online. Or, visit the website to locate a retailer nearest you.

For The Clean Eating Machine

 Coco Jack)

(credit: Coco Jack)

Coco Jack
(855) 351-7054

Perplexed about what to get the clean eating, vegan, or raw foodie in your life? Chances are, coconut water satisfies all of the above eaters, and t’s nature’s sports drink, full of electrolytes, potassium, and a plethora of other vitamins and minerals. The best kind comes straight from the source in its pure and raw form, far superior than the boxed versions found on market shelves. Coco Jack has invented signature tools that offer a safe and effortless way for anyone to open Young Thai Coconuts in seconds. They’ve also thought of other helpful tools, too, like the Coco Scoop, which gets nearly all the coconut meat out in one fail swoop! You’ll look like a champ with a gift that is equal parts innovative and useful. The Coco Jack pack comes with a signature Coco Jack, Coco Scoop, and mallet. Call to inquire about the local retailer carrying the line nearest you.

For The Pregnant Practitioner

 Beyond Yoga)

(credit: Beyond Yoga)

Beyond The Bump Activewear
Beyond Yoga at A Pea In The Pod
352 N Beverly Dr
Beverly Hills, CA 90210
(310) 273-3522

Do you have an active pal that is expecting? Beyond The Bump is a stylish new maternity collection by Beyond Yoga in collaboration with A Peak In The Pod® that they will swoon over. Los Angeles based activewear brand Beyond Yoga is famous for its insanely soft, supportive, and ultra-flattering fabrics and styles, so they’re experts at helping women live and feel beyond incredible in all stages of their lives. For every Beyond the Bump item, the brand will make a monetary contribution to help expectant mothers in need, so you can feel warm and fuzzy inside, too. Beyond The Bump by Beyond Yoga for A Pea in the Pod® is available online and at your local A Pea in the Pod® and Destination Maternity® locations. Visit the website to find one nearest you.

For The Cleanse Connoisseur

 Juice Served Here)

(credit: Juice Served Here)

Juice Cleanse Package
Juice Served Here
8366 W 3rd St
Los Angeles, CA 90048
(323) 944-0409

It seems nowadays that LA is the capital of juice shops. In fact, these juice spots might even be as prolific as coffee houses. And, we’ve all got at least one friend that will be looking for a way to make up for all the naughtiness that the holidays instigate. Like other juice spots, Juice Served Here offers raw, organic, cold-pressed juice that is sourced locally, but what sets them apart is the fact that they are the only zero waste facility in the game. Their commissary, located in Culver City, recycles and composts 90% of waste derived in the making of their juice. JSH cleanses are available for one to ten days and come in three levels: soft, semi, and hard. They also offer add-on options like raw soup and superfoods. Juice Served Here has four locations throughout Los Angeles. To purchase a cleanse package, visit the website for the location nearest you.

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