Holeman & Finch Public House: A Match Made In Heaven Is Burgers And Cocktails

Holeman & Finch was an awesome restaurant for my first trip to Atlanta.The burger is not listed on the menu, but guests can reserve theirs at any point during service. Oftentimes, they're completely spoken for well in advance of burger time. It's the coolest thing ever. A friend made sure I reserved one before I went.The idea behind this ritual is that a good burger takes time to assemble. BUT if you go for Sunday brunch, the burger is offered on their menu. I definitley suggest their burger and fries if you can get it. Their drinks are SO good too!  Clearly they put a lot of time into their cocktail menu because it is not sugary flavored syrups and cheap vodka. I got the 'cold correct' made with espresso liqeur and branca. It was so good!