Row 1

11800 W Broad St
Richmond, VA 23233
(855) 466-7467
Apparel, Women's Store, Men's Store

Foursquare Tips

  • Waited for someone to check us out for 10 minutes. Worst service ever.
  • Some people need to get off their high horse and realize that this isn't gucci, this is H&M. You get the service that you pay for. You aren't paying much, so be patient and quit your bitching.
  • Love the jeans!
  • I wish people who had negative comments could work here for a day...try helping 1,233 people a day with 9 employees.
  • Wanted to make a quick trip before work but the line was so long and there's only 1 cashier. Terrible service
  • Dig for the goodies.
  • H&M is expanding. Look for the second floor with men and kids in February!
  • Staff isn't friendly but they are going eco-friendly
  • Hands down probably my favorite store to shop at. It's hit and miss, but it's cheap and quality. Staff has gotten much nicer over the years. Don't forget to bring in clothes to recycle!
  • LOVE their little kids clothes
  • Customer service REALLY lacks here!
  • Really cute, trendy, and affordable kids clothes!! And I love the women's too of course! (:
  • This place is a hot mess
  • Needs some merchandising help but so glad to have men's and kids clothes!!!
  • What day did you go? And which floor were you on?