Hippie Hollow Park

Nudist Beach, Other Outdoors, Beach
7000 Comanche Trail
Austin, TX 78732


  • Get naked under the sun! Gotta love nude beaches!
  • In addition to preserving naked, Hippie Hollow also preserves NATURE! It's protected under the Federal Endangered Species Act.
  • Go skinnydippin' with awesome folks who enjoy being nekkid and don't care that you're not a supermodel
  • The "gay side" of the lake is the last set of stairs down the trail, then cafefully walk around the lower trail by the rocks. When you pass the trash cans you are there.
  • Take it all off, sneak a joint (when the park rangers aren't around) and enjoy the sunbath!
  • get drunk crunk and maybe even smoke a lil skunk!!!
  • It feels good in the Sun and nude tanning Rocks!!!
  • Go to Hippie Hollow Park and observe some naked folks that you wish weren't naked.
  • Don't be shy... Be naked!
  • Everyone's super friendly and kind! Get drunk and have some socializing time!
  • Boobs, Butts & Boats this Saturday 7/14. Should be a great day!!
  • Water up 40'!
  • The distance down & back along the paved path in the park is 1 mile. So strip down & get your excersize on!
  • No hippies, no water ;-)
  • Bring floaties & a pump!
  • Lacey C., you are absolutely right. ;-))
  • Little slice of heaven in the heart of Texas
  • Yes. There are naked people everywhere. Be afraid.
  • Take a left from the parking lot and walk a couple hundred yards down to the second bathroom for access to some nice flat areas about halfway down the rocky slope.

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