Hilton Beach

Beach, Surf Spot
תל אביב-יפו, תל אביב


  • The gayest beach of Tel Aviv. Just catch your spot and enjoy
  • Best beach in the north. Left side is mostly for sailboards, kayaks and surfers; right side, from left to far right: youngsters > tourists > gay men > loose dogs > beach pong > religious (separate).
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  • The guys are hot!
  • One of the best beaches in Israel.
  • Nice beach split halfway, to the left hipsters and to the right the lgbt community. Good vibes overall
  • Great beach
  • Great gay hangout in Tel Aviv
  • Pay attantiom to your stuff: thieves are always around.
  • One of the best beaches in Israel
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  • Warning: Don't pay with credit card at the beach. My boyfriend did so and the waitor "lost" the card. Shortly after that money started disapearing from his account.
  • A tiny bit further than the main beaches, but the place to be if you want an LGBT+ vibe. Beach service from the caf but very pricey so best pack your own refreshments!
  • Nice beach with kind staff
  • Meh! Main beach is better people watching and ocean access.
  • Great beach bar with a LGBT+vibe. Drinks are quite pricey but it's worth it for the setting!
  • zmir kokusu vard bugn zerimde
  • Atmosphere

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