Hillary Clinton Makes Partying in Colombia Cool

How to dance the night away à la Clinton in Cartagena

Look, it's no secret that Hillary Clinton's cool factor has shot up decibels lately. After partying in Cartagena, Colombia (home to a second, more distressing scandal), we have to wonder what else is good in Colombia. Hey, if it's good enough for Hillary, it's good enough for us. 

Cafe Havana, Clinton's watering hole of choice, has already tauted its celebrity visitor; on its web site is a blurry picture and a firsthand account of Clinton's partying ways. Calling her a "radiant blonde" who warmly greeted everyone she met, the web site said she came with — and danced the night away — with an entourage of 20. Said one anonymous aide to Reuters, she had "a lot of fun." Maybe it was due to her choice of venue — Cafe Havana's reviews are mostly positive, and the nightclub is bound to get more attention now.

Where else to go in Cartagena? It's been called one of the most romantic destinations by Lonely Planet, and a top luxury travel destiation by local media. Colombia Reports calls out its honor of TripAdvisor's top 10 food and wine destinations this year. Among the restaurants recommended by TripAdvisor: Italian-style restaurant La Cevicheria, Caribbean seafood restaurant La Langosta, and a typical Colombian venue called La Plaza de Macono. We're ready when you are, Hillary.