Hill Side Food Court (Medan Selera Mutiara) (Medan Selera Mutiara)

Food Court, Coffee Shop, Café
Jalan Sungai Kelian
Tanjung Bungah, Pulau Pinang 11200


  • More stalls open at night. Rudy's char koay teow is good, drinks are reasonable, and most food here are pretty decent. The wok smoke is can be choking at times. Parking can be difficult.
  • You should try kedondong juice here
  • Pak Nan Western Food the best ever! Nasik Goreng Sotong alsoooo the best..
  • Western food highly recommended!
  • Good halal Malay stalls. Chinese foods are pork free.
  • Chinese half of food-court is closed on tues.
  • Some say the fish n chip is awesone at Nan Western. Not bad sia
  • Should try fruit juice @ Mutiara Cafe..really nice n so cheap lor..
  • Rizal nasi ayam is the best!
  • Must try belacan chicken
  • Nasi goreng ayam is a must try
  • Ice kacang is excellent, nutmeg & attap-chee being the secret ingredients.
  • Come here for ice kacang and chendol
  • The Only traditional Soya Bean Drink and Dau Hua at Tanjung Bungah for Noon time
  • Very good Malay Western but the portion is very small and waiting time can make u go to zzzzz. Fried chicken uncle only opens two days a week for 2 hours at night. Very nice if u can ever get him
  • Mana lg nk cr food court makanan melayu kat penang ni. Tp jauh la drp town.
  • Lunch time here not much choices.... Only one nasi Padang,nasi Melayu, 2 coffee stalls n a soya bean stall. This place need a serious clean up, especially the tables n chairs....it's full of flies!
  • Rizal nasi ayam goreng special..wajib order
  • Best sgt dinner kat sini. Beli bungkus je tapi quantiti dia mmg byk. Terbaikk! Pergi kedai Zie tom yum campur pedas, sedappp. Mmg fav so mmg cerewet la bab makan ni. Telur bungkus. Harga mampu bayar
  • Chicken rice very nice and cheap.

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