Hershey’s Just Came Out With A Spread That’s Better Than Nutella


On Nov. 5, The Hershey Company announced that their new product, based on the popular Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup, is now available in stores nationwide and being sold at 13 oz. for $3.89.

This new chocolate and peanut butter flavor is an addition to the already existing Hershey’s Spreads line that consists of Chocolate, Chocolate with Almonds and Chocolate with Hazelnut. Much like their marketing for these past spread varieties, The Hershey Company is promoting this new product as a great compliment to a range of snack options such as toast, apples and pretzels. Only this time, Hershey’s is not recommending the combination of their spread with outrageous pairings like pickles (though maybe that would be a good sweet and salty combo).

Courtesy of hersheys.com

Instead, they are sticking to sweets for the use of Reese’s spread and in a way beyond just spreading it on fruit or bread. Hershey’s is encouraging the addition of Reese’s spread to desserts to easily make any recipe into a chocolate and peanut butter treat. On the website there is an array of new and old recipes ranging from marbled peanut butter brownies to peanut butter cup bark.

It is now Nutella’s turn to make a move, and it better be damn genius after this play by Hershey’s.

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