Heritage Breed Pigs and Traditional European Charcuterie

Artisan meats and traditional farming methods are all the rage. Farmers Brooks Miller and Anna Santini's North Mountain Pastures sits on 84 acres outside of Newport, Penn.  Both Miller and Santini are dedicated to producing healthy, 100 percent natural, organic meats using a simple process of salt preservation.

Their heritage breed pigs, which include Tamworth, Berkshire, and Yorkshire, are preserved with old-world traditional skill — careful hand-butchering and processing. Pledge between $5 and $10,000 on Kickstarter's site and invest in the farm's earth-banked aging room to cure prosciutto, salami, and bacon.

A pledge of $10,000 lands you a week in Spain with Miller and Santini where you will learn traditional charcuterie techniques from craftsmen. At that point, you might become the expert.

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