Here Is a Julia Roberts Obstacle Course, with Spaghetti From 'Eat, Pray, Love'

Also making an appearance: a burrito ('The Mexican') and orange juice ('Steel Magnolias')

Who knew Julia Roberts had so many food moments in her career? Billy on the Street brings us this hilarious and icky obstacle course based on Roberts' career. And of course, Saturday Night Live's Rachel Dratch gets to take the plunge.

First notable food moment? A burrito to represent The Mexican, where Dratch is forced to crawl through a burrito (salsa, beans, cheese, and all) and dig through a pile of guacamole to find a photo of James Gandolfini.

Then there's the Julia Roberts career slide (post Mirror Mirror, of course), which brings us down to a pile of spaghetti and meatballs from Eat, Pray, Love. "There's actual tomato sauce all over my a**," Dratch notes.

There's all this and more (including brushing Julia Roberts' teeth with a giant toothbrush, climbing up her mouth, and sliding into a pile of money) in the video below. Watch for all the shenanigans, especially as Billy says the truth: "The people at Chipotle, please stop telling me the guacamole is extra. I'm fine with it!"

Also, Dratch wins a dishwasher. We think she'll need a washer for her laundry, too.

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