Here is How Korean Artist JeeYoung Lee Actually Makes Her Dreams Come True

From by Mila Pantovich
Here is How Korean Artist JeeYoung Lee Actually Makes Her Dreams Come True

We discovered artist JeeYoung Lee back in December 2013 and fell in love with the landscapes she creates in her tiny studio in Seoul, Korea. Without relying on Photoshop, she manages to make her creative vision into a reality, using her scenes to explore famous folk tales, issues related to her sense of identity, and perhaps the coolest of all, her dreams. Many of her sets are pulled straight from her unconscious mind, making us all wish we had the artistic talent to make our dreamscapes a reality. With two upcoming Stage of Mind exhibitions (one in Belfast and the other in Bogota, Columbia), we wanted to catch up on her new pieces, as well as revisit some older ones we missed the last time. 

If you're interested in buying any of these as a print, you can contact Opiom Gallery for price details. 

Opiom Gallery, JeeYoung LeeThe Moment, 2014Opiom Gallery, JeeYoung LeeBirthday, 2009Opiom Gallery, JeeYoung LeeMy Chemical Romance, 2013Opiom Gallery, JeeYoung LeeAnxiety (diptyque/diptych), 2013Opiom Gallery, JeeYoung LeeReaching for the Stars, 2009Opiom Gallery, JeeYoung LeeBroken HeartOpiom Gallery, JeeYoung LeeOversleepingOpiom Gallery, JeeYoung LeeNeverending Race, 2008Opiom Gallery, JeeYoung LeeGamer, 2011Opiom Gallery, JeeYoung LeeFlu, 2008Opiom Gallery, JeeYoung LeeThe Best Cure, 2007

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