Henderson Metropolitan (恒基名人购物中心)

Mall, Business Center
300 Nanjing E Rd | 南京东路300号 (Henan M Rd | 河南中路)
Huangpu, 上海市 200085
+86 21 6391 3322


  • Nice clean bathrooms (for China): toilet paper, soap, and Toto hand dryers. Clutch.
  • Fairly small and not much to see except the apple store is here on ground floor.
  • Restrooms are clean and modernly. Greatly impressive.
  • The biggest Apple store is located here at the main lobby.
  • Clean bathrooms 6th floor western standard
  • Coffee at Lavazza is good!
  • Visit the Apple Store
  • The exit 2, goes near to the Wagas.
  • The design of the retail space is a failure.
  • The Apple Store is a must-see place. There's a Subway sandwiches shop inside as well as a Burger King and several other restaurants (upper floors). The mall Is convenient to the Metro green line.
  • Awesome toilet .
  • This is the least crowed shopping mall on east nanjing road.

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