Heirloom Tomatoes: Everything You Need to Know

There’s not just one variety of heirloom tomato out there, there are several, and here are 19 of them for you to meet
Jane Bruce

Meet these 19 heirloom tomato varieties.

Some heirlooms’ virtues are less about their history and more about their looks, like the Green Zebra, which has stripes that resemble those found on the exotic animal, or the Pink Brandywine, which is so beautifully and vibrantly, well, pink. These stories and their physical characteristics are how Haynes was able to distinguish one out of a group of 30 sitting in a box. You may think that one is a Ponderosa, but if you look at it from eye level you’ll see that its pointy bottom gives it away (and makes it hard to stand it upright).

And the flame reference with the Jaune Flamme may not click right away, but just wait until you cut it open. Along with the differences between the varieties, Haynes also pointed out just how unique each individual variety can be, by showing us how three different Dester heirlooms had different shapes and different seals, which bind their skins together on their bottoms.

We met 19 of these kitchen heroes, and we’re going to keep searching so that we can meet more and more. When you head to the farmers’ stand this weekend, see if you can spot a few of these varieties — you’ll seem like a natural and ordering takeout will be a thing of the past.  

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