Hearty Après Ski Snacks To Make At Home Slideshow

Crispy Chickpeas and Kale Chips

If you don't want to feel like a sack of bricks going down the mountain tomorrow morning, put away the Hot Cheetos and try a few handfuls of these instead. You'll thank yourself later.

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Cheesy Chili Nachos

"Staggeringly high in fat, sodium, and calories, this appetizer is usually a diet killer," says Marlene Koch, author of Eat What You Love. "With this lightened version you can still enjoy the great taste of meaty chili atop crunchy tortilla chips, complete with melted cheese sauce."

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Pan-Fried Onion Dip

"Kiss those soup mix packets and deli case tubs goodbye — here's your new go-to onion dip for entertaining..." says Koch. Cutting out the extra calories means more beer for everyone, right? It all balances out in the end.

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Coconut Coconut Shrimp

A little snow while you're out on the slopes is fun; a lot of snow means calling it quits early. Chase away any thoughts of a bad day on the slopes with these Coconut Coconut Shrimp from Koch. You can pretend you're sitting on a beach on an island in the middle of the Pacific, even if there's a blizzard outside.

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Chicken Wings

This lightened-up version of the classic bar snack from Tosca Reno, author of the Eat-Clean Diet series of cookbooks, still holds on to plenty of flavor.

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Seven Layer Greek Dip

Sometimes you just want something fresh, and that's something you probably won't get at a typical après bar off the slopes. So here's a lighter, fresher take on a classic seven-layer Mexican dip — with hummus, spinach, feta, red, onion, and cucumber, this version has a Greek-inspired twist.

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