Heartland of America Park

Park, Lake
608 Conagra Dr
Omaha, NE 68102


  • It's nice to get a little bit of nature downtown.
  • 31-acre park was opened in 1990 on land recovered after the controversial demolition of the Jobbers Canyon Historic District. The area, filled with warehouses dating to the 1870s.
  • I got engaged here!
  • The geese are plenty and angry
  • Watch out for goose poop.
  • Wonderful little sanctuary amid the hustle and bustle of downtown. The ducks & geese are quite friendly.
  • Bring a loaf of bread to feed the birds.
  • Take a walk and enjoy the water, the sounds, the combination of city and nature!
  • A great place for a family walk!
  • Nice place for a walk and the fountain creates a great photo op during sunset.
  • Nothing like a stroll or jog around the pond
  • Nice fountain and some pretty gardens.
  • Perfect spot to read while laying in the grass! Also, great for joggers.
  • They have $3 boat rides and free entertainment during the summer from 6pm-8pm
  • Great for a stroll with your significant other, family picnic, check out the statues & fountains. Take a look at the river. Learn a bit in the pavilion, feed the birds! Enjoy!
  • Great time on the boats. Take time to check out the fountains close up. Very fun at night.
  • Nice place for a romantic stroll, just be ready to roll up the sleeves and fight off gangs of geese, your date will be impressed ;)
  • Go at night and enjoy the city lights
  • Beautiful spot. Coming from a NY'er, This is the heartland!
  • Hop on the ferry during the summertime, or if you're feeling especially romantic, grab the gondola ride instead!

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