Hearst Castle

Row 1

750 Hearst Castle Rd
San Simeon, CA 93452
(800) 444-4445
Castle, Historic Site, State / Provincial Park

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  • you're not imagining things. everybody hates your kids.
  • William Randolph Hearst's masterpiece is a testament to over-the-top architecture and opulence. Saying the swimming pools are ornate, the gardens lavish, and the art priceless is an understatement.
  • Makes richie rich look poor.
  • If you are coming down the hill at sunset you probably want to be on the right side of the bus to see it best.
  • Basically an episode of "Hoarders" for insanely rich people.
  • Keep your kids off the persian rugs! They beep if you step on it. To them its a new toy. To us its annoying.
  • What's the cultural significance of excess? The pieces in this collection should be distributed to museums or returned to the country of origin and the land put to better use.
  • Be sure to watch the movie Citizen Kane before you go A truly awesome place
  • The castle is one-of-a-kind and the indoor and outdoor pools are both beautifully designed. The property used to host a private zoo so zebras can still be seen roaming the hills.
  • The night tour with people dressed up 1930s style is really fun! The tours "forget" to mention yellow journalism, Citizen Kane, and how Hearst helped push America into the Spanish-American War.
  • This is the ugliest house I've ever seen. Giant, but wow, uuugly.
  • Don't forget to look at the ceilings
  • Take tour 2 for a look at more personal aspects of Hearst family life. Also, the Hearst corporation is now producing grass fed beef and several varietals of wine which are available for purchase after
  • This place is amazing. The Neptune Pool is worth the $24 alone. Very ornate interiors. The gift shop's pretty cool too.
  • Amazing architecture, landscaping, art, historical artifacts
  • Amazing home and property. They now let you wander the grounds so you can spend a good part of your day here. Tours are $25. Book ahead.
  • It's a rich dudes house. Watch the movie if you want to learn more about his fortunate upbringing. See the house if you want to see European artifacts without having to travel to Europe.
  • Book tours online and well in advance.
  • Alex Trebek narrates the bus ride up. Daily Double!
  • Built by William Randolph Hearst in 1919, this sprawling estate served as the inspiration for Xanadu in Citizen Kane and covers an area nearly half the size of Rhode Island. (From Aerial America)

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