Healthy Homemade Snacks Under $1.25

A few dollars can keep your family's hunger satisfied

Apple chips

A lot of people don’t believe me when I tell them you can indeed make snack foods for less than $1 per serving. But when you make a healthy snack involving basic ingredients like fruit, milk, or eggs, it really is true. It may take a little more time to make homemade fruit snacks or graham crackers, but you’ll get twice as many servings as you can buy at the store for less than half the price. If that isn’t the most economical way to make snack food for kids, I don’t know what is!

—  The Naptime Chef, Babble

Easy Homemade Yogurt

Healthy homemade yogurt costs less than a dollar to make and can even be eaten for breakfast or dessert.

Milk = $1.00 ($3.99/gallon)
Yogurt = $0.25 ($3.99/16-ounce container)
Total = $1.25

Make easy homemade yogurt for your family.

Homemade Fruit Snacks

Purée any fruit you'd like, and you can have inexpensive, delicious fruit snacks at home!

Mango = $1.00 ($2.00 each)
Applesauce = $0.80 ($3.69/48-ounce container)
Powdered pectin = $0.60 ($10/4-ounce container)
Sugar = $1.10 ($4.49/5-pound bag)
Total = $3.50
Cost per serving = $0.88

A recipe for fruit snacks.

Homemade Graham Crackers

Graham crackers are easy to make at home, and the ingredients are a quarter of the price of one store-bought box.

Flour = $0.90 ($3.79/5-pound bag)
Brown sugar = $0.70 ($1.39/1-pound box)
Baking soda = $0.02 ($1.09)
Butter = $0.76 ($3.49/4 sticks)
Honey = $1.00 ($4.19/12-ounce jar)
Milk = $0.16 ($3.99/gallon)
Vanilla extract = $0.19 ($1.59)
Total = $3.73
Cost per serving = $0.93

Homemade graham crackers are the perfect after-school snack.

Soft Heart Pretzels

The ingredients for soft pretzels are very cheap, and this simple recipe yields 10 servings!

Dry yeast = $0.60 ($1.79/3-pack)
Milk = $0.20 ($3.99/gallon)
Vegetable oil = $0.07 ($3.79 / 48-ounce bottle)
Flour = $1.50 ($3.79/5-pound bag)
Sea salt = $0.15 ($3.49)
Baking soda = $0.06 ($1.09)
Total = $3.01
Cost per serving = $0.26

Pretzels for the whole family.

Hard-Boiled Eggs

An individual egg costs less than fifty cents, and hard-boiling them using this easy method makes for a nutritious snack.

Eggs = $2.49 ($2.49/dozen)
Total = $2.49
Cost per serving = $0.20



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