Healthy Holiday Eating Swaps

Tips on what to eat and what to avoid this holiday season


Follow these tips to avoid holiday overload

The holiday season is upon us, and that means plenty of eating. If you’re hoping to not pack on the holiday pounds this year, the key is to be aware of what you’re eating and avoid the mindless picking that holiday parties often inspire. So many tempting foods are available this time of year, but do not use the holidays as a means to go all out, every day, all day. Once a week a small treat will suffice! Just imagine all the work you will have to do in January if you let yourself go off track too much.

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Do not let yourself get too busy and skip exercise. Creating a daily ritual where you can spend 30 to 60 minutes for you will allow you to feel successful, positive, and empowered that you kept yourself as a priority. And do not feel like you have to eat everything at the party; the host will not be offended. If you feel that too many temptations are present, offer to bring a dish. That way you are in control of ingredients and your own portions.[slideshow:

To keep you on point for the holiday, we chatted with Chrissy Wellington, the nutritionist at Canyon Ranch in Lenox, Mass., to help you survive the season with tips on what foods to avoid and what foods to swap out. Even though it may be tempting to indulge in holiday eats like eggnog  and fatty cheeses, Wellington tells you why they should never be an exception to the rule and why you should replace them with foods like sweet potatoes and fresh cranberries.