Why Detoxing Could Be a Complete Waste of Money

A juice cleanse is the expensive way to cleanse your body
green juice


The easy way out is not cheap.

If you’ve been eating one too many Christmas cookies and have found yourself getting takeout more than usual, you are probably considering a detox. The problem with a detox — other than the fact that it usually backfires — is that it is unnecessary.

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It may be comforting to know that your body is a natural detox machine. Your liver and your kidneys filter out the harmful things we eat, such as the greasy, high-sugary foods we know and love. The kidneys have the ability to filter the body and the liver processes and detoxifies any chemicals we consume. Instead of spending 60 dollars per day on a juice cleanse, why not invest in whole foods to make real, healthy meals with?

Depriving yourself from food after overindulging may seem like it will get your cravings back on track, but unless you adequately prepare for a juice cleanse (meaning you eat only raw foods for a couple days beforehand), you could end up reversing the process completely by binging. Instead of reaching for juice after you ate a carton of ice cream, fuel your body with nutritious and delicious foods instead. This way, your body will reap the benefits and you won’t feel like you are dieting or depriving yourself from food.

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