Tolerant Showcases Organic Single-Ingredient Pastas at FNCE

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CHICAGO, Oct. 29, 2019 /PRNewswire/ -- Tolerant, maker of organic single-ingredient pastas that everyone can enjoy, will exhibit all seven of their popular dry pasta cuts at the 2019 Food and Nutrition Conference & Expo October 26th- 29th, 2019, at Booth #659.

Thanks to their commitment to creating wholesome foods, all of Tolerant's plant-based legume pastas are high in protein and fiber, grain free, and made with just one organic ingredient. That means everyone can enjoy their healthy pasta alternative, without fillers, additives, binders, and major allergens. Each serving has over 20g of protein and provides 44% of your daily fiber.

As Niloo Mirani, Director of Marketing, explains, "We've perfected the process of turning legumes into pasta, without using fillers or additives like some of our competitors." Indeed, the key is simplicity. "When people taste our pasta, they sometimes wonder how it has a texture so similar to regular pasta – it's all in the care we take with our production process."

Aside from showcasing their full line of green lentil penne, green lentil rotini, green lentil elbow, red lentil penne, red lentil rotini, chickpea penne, and chickpea rotini, Tolerant will be sampling three dishes to highlight each pasta's versatility and amazing flavor: green lentil elbows with vegan pesto, chickpea penne with lemon and rosemary tofu, and red lentil rotini with spinach and cherry tomatoes. Full boxes will also be distributed to attendees.

"People constantly tell us about how our pasta has changed their lives," notes Mirani. "The addition of a single-ingredient pasta that is organic and affordable, and free from allergens, allows freedom and convenience in the kitchen that wasn't there before. And that is great to hear, because it's the reason Tolerant was created in the first place."

Consumers can find Tolerant pasta at Whole Foods Market and Sprouts nationally, as well as on Amazon Prime and in many premium natural food stores.

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About Tolerant

Tolerant was born from a desire to create a pasta that anyone can consume. We wanted to create an organic pasta that featured high quality, wholesome, delicious ingredients. The obvious choice was legumes, one of the most universally friendly, nutritionally sound food sources on the planet. The result – a certified organic, gluten free, non-GMO pasta filled with natural goodness. We believe in making a difference in people's lives. As our name implies, our products are, and will always be, easy to consume, made simply, and delicious.

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