Sun Basket Launches New Carb-Conscious Meal Plan

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Leading healthy meal delivery service fulfills customers' top meal request by offering high protein, carb-controlled...

Leading healthy meal delivery service fulfills customers' top meal request by offering high protein, carb-controlled delicious recipes

SAN FRANCISCO, Feb. 13, 2019 /PRNewswire/ -- Sun Basket, a leading healthy eating platform, today announced a new Carb-Conscious meal plan for consumers looking to control their carbohydrate intake at dinnertime in a healthy way. Sun Basket's new meal plan reinforces the brand's dedication to offering customers personalized choices to fit their healthy lifestyle, and joins Sun Basket's Paleo, Lean & Clean, Gluten-Free, Vegetarian, Mediterranean, Vegan, Pescatarian, Diabetes-Friendly, Quick & Easy, and Chef's Choice meal plans.

Sun Basket created the Carb-Conscious meal plan in response to the top meal request by customers for carb-controlled meals with a higher protein count, allowing them to eat in a healthy way that is still delicious. Working together, Sun Basket's culinary and dietitian teams created the Carb-Conscious meal plan, which has quickly become one of the three most popular plans among new subscribers.

"At Sun Basket, we are always looking to help customers achieve their personal health goals, while still delivering balanced, delicious meals full of flavor," explained award-winning Executive Chef Justine Kelly. "Some people might expect carb-controlled meals to be bland and boring. However, Sun Basket's Carb-Conscious recipes upend this expectation, by incorporating unique flavors from all over the world so customers can eat healthy without sacrificing flavor."

Like all Sun Basket meals, the Carb-Conscious recipes are prepared fresh with guidance from Sun Basket's team of dietitians. Meals on the Carb-Conscious plan contain 550-800 calories and have higher protein (at least 25 grams per serving) balanced with a limited carbohydrate count (40 grams or less per serving). To ensure the meals are healthy, the recipes are nutrient-dense and feature antibiotic-free and hormone-free meats, sustainable seafood, plant-based proteins, and organic vegetables and legumes, all aligning with Sun Basket's strong commitment to providing the highest-quality ingredients to its consumers. Importantly, by eliminating processed carbohydrates which can spike blood sugar and insulin levels, Sun Basket's Carb-Conscious plan is a balanced, healthy way for people looking to manage their weight while feeling lighter and less full.

"Sun Basket's vision is to make healthy eating easy, delicious, and personalized to your lifestyle," says CEO and Co-Founder, Adam Zbar. "Our Carb-Conscious meal plan gives customers a new option to personalize their basket based on what they believe is best for their body."

Consistent with all of Sun Basket's meal plans, the Carb-Conscious meal plan will have at least four weekly recipes, and customers can choose from any of the 18 weekly recipes, irrespective of which meal plan they've chosen.

This addition to Sun Basket's robust, personalized meal plan portfolio enables customers who are looking to follow a carb-controlled meal plan to try delicious, easy-to-make recipes, while not having to worry about monitoring carbohydrate or protein counts themselves. Some exciting new recipes include: Mediterranean lemon chicken with artichoke ragout, Steak with chimichurri and harissa-roasted sweet potatoes, and Mushroom-stuffed sole with red pepper-cashew crema.

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Founded in San Francisco in 2014 by Webby-winner Adam Zbar and Chef Justine Kelly, former Head Chef at the Slanted Door, a James Beard Award-winning restaurant, Sun Basket is the essential everyday personalized eating platform that delivers the best pre-measured, organic produce, clean ingredients and easy-to-cook, delicious recipes weekly to your door. Sun Basket saves busy people the time of planning and shopping so they can eat their kind of healthy and feel nourished from the inside out. Personalized for your lifestyle and diet, Sun Basket provides globally inspired recipes in meal plans including Chef's Choice, Paleo, Lean & Clean, Gluten-Free, Vegan, Vegetarian, Pescatarian, Mediterranean, Diabetes-Friendly, Quick & Easy, and Carb-Conscious meal plans. Based in San Francisco, Sun Basket is backed by top-tier venture capitalists. Dr. David Katz serves as Chief Science Advisor. For more information, please visit or find the brand on Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest or Twitter.

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