Sorbabes Unveils New Flavors Just in Time for National Chocolate Ice Cream Day

June 7 is dedicated to all the chocolate ice cream-lovers out there, but what about those who can't do dairy?

In addition to its chocolaty flavors, other options of Sorbabes include pistachio + sea salt caramel and dreamy passionfruit + white chocolate and orange zest.

National Chocolate Ice Cream Day is indeed a real thing. Who doesn't love chocolate ice cream? Or even ice cream in general? Answer: people who can't tolerate dairy. Luckily for the lactose-intolerant population, Sorbabes has created a line up of new chocolaty flavors just in time for June 7 — National Chocolate Ice Cream Day!

These gourmet sorbets use whole food ingredients making it a great alternative to richer, calorie-laden brands. Though not exactly the same as, say, Ben and Jerry's or Coldstone Creamery, you can still enjoy the indulgence of these icy treats, which are also all-natural, vegan, dairy-free, and contain no corn syrup, no soy milk, no GMO, and no gluten.

Chef Deborah Gorman curated two new flavors showcasing the richness of a nut-based sorbet. Yes, a nut-based sorbet. The latest Sorbabes flavors include:

Double Chocolate Hazelnut & Fudge
This sorbet is a creamy dark chocolate blended with whole roasted hazelnuts. Swirled into the mix are dairy-free fudge ribbons, and then bits of rich dark chocolate and pieces of roasted hazelnuts are folded in. Think: Nutella ice cream's healthy sister.

Salted Peanut Butter & Dark Chocolate
This sorbet is a salty sweet treat. With whole roasted peanuts blended into creamy sorbet, salted peanut butter ribbons, and packed with more dark chocolate, this one's for the peanut butter-lovers.

Forget ice cream with these sorbet recipes.

"Farmers markets were the initial inspiration.” Nicole Cardone, co-founder and chief executive of Sorbabe, explains. “The best sorbet comes only from the freshest ingredients. At times we would purchase produce from a farmer in the next stall and make sorbet with it and sell it right next to them the following week."

If you're looking for a healthier, non-dairy alternative to chocolate ice cream this summer, you know where to look!