Sip it or Skip it: Healthiest and Unhealthiest Holiday Drinks

Christmas cookies aren’t the only thing you have to worry about this holiday season
egg nog

Photo Modified: Flickr / Mattie Hagedorn / CC BY-SA 4.0

Avoid high-fat, high-sugar drinks such as eggnog.

This holiday season, our family and friends are held close and our plates tend to be filled with all of our favorite foods. Spending your calories wisely can be difficult, especially when some holiday drinks contain as many calories as a meal.

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We know that holiday beverages are comforting, especially after a long day of shopping or following hours of wrapping presents. Instead of reaching for your pre-packaged hot chocolate, make your own from scratch using a few simple ingredients. Holiday eggnog may be a tradition with your family that you can’t avoid, but you can make it lighter by using non-fat ingredients and reducing the amount of sugar. We spoke with nutritionists about how they avoid the holiday bulge by choosing the healthiest drinks and avoiding the high-sugar, hangover-inducing beverages.