unhappy child restaurant

Restaurant Names Dishes After Kids’ Whiny Complaints

Screaming “I’m not hungry!” orders you a basket of chicken tenders
unhappy child restaurant

The perfect menu for when you're at the point of "Just order already!"

Fager’s Island, a restaurant in Ocean City, Maryland, knows what your kid wants for lunch.

Fager's Island

Part of their menu, featuring "Big Plates", "Desserts", and the famous kid's menu.

It doesn’t matter how whiny, upset, or squeamish your child is on your vacation — if they let loose a whine, this menu has a response. Titles like “I don’t care” and “I’m not hungry” serve as the ultimate guide to deciding what to order for your tantrum-throwing child. The concept is simple: Hear the complaint, pick a menu option.

So really, no child gets away with throwing a tantrum at this smart establishment. They can screech whatever protest they want — and they’ll just get ordered a kid-friendly classic in response. The “I don’t want that” delivers French fries. The “What?” is a cheese quesadilla.

If you’ve ever tried to drag an upset child to a meal at a nice restaurant, you know this is hilarious. And people on the internet absolutely love it — probably because it’s just so relatable.

“As a dad, this is on the money,” one commenter on Reddit replied.

“Chicken tendies it is. I'm not your mom!” exclaimed an aunt who has clearly been dragged on one too many family vacations.

The menu also sparked a lively discussion of the various gourmet ways you can make a PB&J. But not a single remark of negative feedback could be found. The unified consensus is clear: This kids’ menu is pure genius.


We’re not sure how funny the kids might find the lighthearted retort to their “very serious” emotional upset. But there’s no doubt the menu would provide a welcome source of entertainment to parents who, at this point, would surely rather listen to nails on a chalkboard than hear another complaint about being bought an expensive dinner.