These PMS-Curing Brownies Are More Expensive Than Birth Control

Can any one treat live up to a $15 price tag? Based on taste alone, it's not likely. But if you struggle with painful PMS symptoms every time your time of the month rolls around, this brownie is your new exception. Moon Cycle Bakery has heard your cries for help and crafted the perfect recipe for a sweet treat that they say can ease period pain naturally using herbs, vitamins, and whole food ingredients. It also crushes your craziest cravings.

Eat a brownie, ease the pain. It's that simple.

While typical chocolates and sweets can exacerbate cramps, cause breakouts, and just make things infinitely worse, these brownies don't come with any moody consequences. Instead, they deliver sweet relief in the form of cakey chocolate.

"Once a month, we deliver delicious treats that that not only taste good," the bakery promises, "but hug your body with carefully selected, hormone-supportive ingredients designed to nourish you from the inside out."

The nutrients vary from treat to treat, but involve lots of omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids to ease arduous cramps and calculated portions of nutrients to balance the body's hormones. Their Raspberry Black Bean Brownies With Primrose are the centerfold item in their catalogue, but the bakery plans to offer Matcha Coconut Bites and Chocolate Cups Sweetened With Ginger + Honey.

The website encourages setting up a monthly delivery so that every month, your brownie delivery arrives right on cue with Mother Nature — the bakery even features a period-tracking app that helps you to better manage and predict your cycle.

Each individual brownie costs $15, with options to purchase two for $20 or three for $30. Founder Devon Loftus claims they are well worth the charge due to their healing ability. Her recipe was crafted with the help of numerous dietitians, acupuncturists, and physician's assistants to ensure the effectiveness of the dessert.

If you want a nice bite but don't want the added sugars and flours, you don't have to pay $15. You can try one of these cooling dessert recipes healthy enough to eat for breakfast.