Your Parents Probably Tried These Old-School Diet Tips

It might be fun to try on your mom's old jeans or brush off your dad's old record player, but we're begging you — leave their rusty old diet tricks in the past. You'll suffer more than just a cold kick of nostalgia if you try to live by any of these old-school food rules.

Your Parents Probably Tried These Old-School Diet Tips Gallery

Back before people knew anything about healthy fats, antioxidants, or protein, people were really just stumbling blindly through unsubstantiated diet advice and weight loss tips. Though many of the diet regimens on this list were endorsed by doctors and "experts," few (if any) were supported by science or evidence.

But that didn't stop people from attempting these wacky fads and trends. Have you ever heard of the "sexy pineapple diet"? What about the diet where you can eat as much sugar as you want? (That one actually doesn't sound half bad...)

From the "cabbage soup diet" to strict detox cleanses, people tried anything and everything they could to shed weight as quickly as possible. Here are some of the most popular (though often misguided) weight loss tips from your parents' dieting days.