guinness longevity

100-Year-Old Woman Credits Long Life to Daily Bottle of Guinness

She’s downed around 70 years’ worth of stout
guinness longevity

She drinks one mini bottle per day.

Guinness may have ditched its 1920s-era slogan, “Guinness Is Good for You,” but the message stuck with Doris Olive Netting. The 100-year-old woman from Plymouth, England credits her longevity to her daily drink of the beer — a ritual she’s kept up since she began drinking it in her 30s.

“She refuses to go a day without drinking it,” her 37-year-old granddaughter Tammy told the Herald. “She reckons that's why she's lived for as long as she has, because of the iron intake through Guinness.”

Netting allegedly saw one of the aforementioned advertisements touting the iron content of Guinness — one of the reasons it’s rumored to be one of the healthiest popular beers. The marketing campaign worked wonders on Netting, entrancing her into a love of the Irish stout that’s lasted her entire life.

“After the war there was a big marketing campaign to buy Guinness — drink Guinness to get your iron — following on from the ration years,” Tammy relayed. “So Olive did just that: a glass [mini bottle] of Guinness a day for the rest of her life.”

For her 100th birthday party, Olive Netting celebrated her century-long life with a Guinness-themed birthday party, complete with black Guinness-branded balloons, a life-sized model of the Guinness toucan logo, and (of course) multiple bottles of Guinness. The centenarian also received a telegraph from the Queen — though she may have been considerably more excited when Guinness, upon hearing her story, sent a personalized gift basket to commemorate the occasion.

Screenshot: the Herald


Of course, it’s not just iron that Netting consumes every time she opens a bottle — for someone with middle-aged grandchildren, Olive drinks a heck of a lot of booze. Some previous research has suggested that drinking too much could significantly shorten your life — though Netting doesn’t seem worried.

Guinness does make a non-alcoholic beer now, but Netting shows no signs of switching. With her one small bottle a day, she is, after all, the queen of moderation. Perhaps her success with the stout was enough to convince her that those supposed dangers are just scary facts about alcohol that aren’t true.