Meijer Yogurt Recalled After Customer Finds Glass Shards

Luckily, the customer found the shards before eating the yogurt

The full list of affected products can be found below.

Meijer is recalling some of its store-brand yogurt after a customer found pieces of glass inside one of the cups. The yogurts affected are all Meijer brand, and include certain flavors of their Greek and low-fat yogurt.

“Meijer became aware of the issue when a customer returned a yogurt cup containing two small pieces of glass,” the company explained in a release on February 8. “Upon investigation at the retailer’s manufacturing facility, there may have been a possible risk of contamination.”

In response, the grocery chain is voluntarily recalling the products with the UPCs described below with an expiration date of 3/8/2018.

  • Meijer Greek Yogurt 0% Black Cherry 5.3 oz. with the UPC 7-08820-12657-2
  • Meijer Yogurt Low-Fat Blueberry 6 oz. with the UPC 7-08820-41513-3
  • Meijer Greek Yogurt 0% Plain 5.3 oz. with the UPC 7-60236-11601-1
  • Meijer Greek Yogurt 0% Vanilla 5.3 oz. with the UPC 7-60236-11603-5
  • Meijer Greek Yogurt 0% Strawberry 5.3 oz. with the UPC 7-60236-12418-4
  • Meijer Greek Yogurt 0% Blueberry 5.3 oz. with the UPC 7-60236-12431-3

To date, there have been no injuries or illnesses reported. Meijer and the Food and Drug Administration note that the risk of hazard for their products is low. Nevertheless, customers are encouraged to return the product to the nearest Meijer store for a full refund.

“We take as many precautions as possible,” Jennifer J. Rook, senior manager of communications for Meijer, told The Daily Meal. “Customer safety is our top priority.”

While glass certainly sounds dangerous, it seems the necessary precautions have been put in place — unless you see it listed above, your yogurt is probably safe. These foods are much more likely to give you food poisoning.