If You Love Your Gut, Eat More Cranberries

We've all seen the articles: "Hack Your Gut Health With This Recipe"; "Best and Worst Foods for Your Gut"; "These Foods are Garbage to Your Gut"... But often, the same foods are on both lists of "best" and "worst" things to eat for your gut health.

Our poor tummies just can't catch a break.

But now, we have some information we can trust. Science has finally chimed in with a new gut-healing breakthrough: cranberries.

The cancer-preventing, UTI-healing, blood pressure-taming fruits have tacked on another item to their long list of benefits. Based on a study by Professor David Sela, nutritional microbiologist at the University of Massachusetts Amherst, cranberries provide a major boost to the healthy bacteria in your gut.

The healthier these good bacteria, the healthier your digestion — so you want to be feeding them well. "We're basically eating for two," explains Sela. A thriving microbiome in your gut has been linked to improvements in brain health, stress, energy levels, overall happiness, and even weight loss.

Healthy gut bacteria also have been shown to prevent diseases such as arthritis and cancer.

The secret to this health boosting effect are xyloglucans, a sugar compound found in the cell walls of crisp, tart cranberries. In other words, Thanksgiving just got a lot more gut-friendly.