Halo Top's 7 New Flavors Include Mochi And Rainbow, A Millennial's Dream

We were about to ask if you've heard of Halo Top ice cream, but then we almost cracked up laughing.

Halo Top has absolutely dominated the realm of ice cream and healthy eating lately with their low-calorie, high-protein pints that magically manage to slash the calories and pack the flavor. They've even outsold Ben & Jerry's in recent months, and they now wear the crown for America's number one selling ice cream on grocery store shelves.

Now, there are seven — we repeat, seven — new ways to enjoy this delectable diet treat. And they'll be available in just a few short weeks.

We had heard that there were new flavors on their way, but the magnitude of this release far exceeded our expectations. The artists in Halo Top's kitchen have been busy.

"Our fans wanted more flavors — and we did too," says Justin Woolverton, founder and CEO of Halo Top. "We made a list of which flavors they wanted the most and figured out how we could make them the Halo Top way."

The fan favorites were turned into these brand-new flavor varieties:

Pancakes and Waffles
Cinnamon Roll
Mochi Green Tea
Rainbow Swirl
Candy Bar
Chocolate Covered Banana
Caramel Macchiato

Consider our jaws dropped — these flavors all sound amazing.

The motivation behind the flavors seems to point to recent food trends millennials have been spewing all over Instagram. The popular topics include breakfast, mochi, coffee, tea, and rainbow — all of which make an appearance in these new varieties of healthy dessert.

A new pint for every day of the week — we couldn't be happier. Cinnamon roll sounds like the perfect sugary filling for a waffle cone, and I'd take half a pint of the caramel macchiato over a Starbucks of the same any day — which, by the way, would have the same number of calories!

While they'll take some time to make it to shelves nationwide, enthusiasts can order the new flavors from this site if they can't bear to wait.

But the diehards should order quick: We hear they're likely to sell out!