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Exercise Makes People Drink More Booze, Study Says

Work out by day, binge drink by night?

Bootcamps can be tough — maybe everyone is drinking to forget? We’re not really sure why, but one study shows that on days when people exercise, they tend to drink more.

The study followed adults through workouts and nights out, recording the intensity of exercise they participated in and the number of drinks they later consumed. To gauge exercise intensity, the researchers utilized smartphone technology and activity trackers. To ensure the accuracy of the results, they recorded data over the span of an entire year.

Even after accounting for all variables, it was clear: People drink more on days when they work out. Maybe it’s because they feel like they’ve burned more calories that day, and are therefore less apprehensive about downing beer and simple syrup. Or maybe it’s because they’re in a better mood and therefore more likely to splurge for a night out with friends.

Whatever the reason, we’re just hoping the exercise is happening first — because exercising after drinking (either while intoxicated or hungover) is a terrible idea. It’s yet another exercise mistake that can make your workout do more damage than good.

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