EatLove and AmazonFresh’s New Service Practically Makes Dinner for You

The app lets you meal plan, shop, and prep from your smartphone

EatLove and Amazon have teamed up to give you everything you need to cook successful dinners at home — all from a simple smartphone app. On the platform, consumers can find recipes, plan a week’s worth of meals, and shop the ingredients they’re missing without leaving the comfort of their home. Or their subway seat. Or their office chair.

EatLove also does the actual meal planning for you — so there’s literally zero effort required to craft a week’s worth of meals for you and your family.

“The collaboration with AmazonFresh is the natural next step for EatLove further simplifying weekly meal planning with online shopping and ordering, all under ten minutes,” boasts EatLove CEO Monique Nadeau in a press release.


It works like this: You open the app and take a preliminary quiz. EatLove evaluates every variable and dietary consideration for an individual and their family, including nutrition, health and lifestyle goals, food allergies, as well as personal tastes and preferences. With this information, the platform crafts a specially designed meal plan for the week with an accompanying grocery list of everything you’ll need.

Consumers can enter the ingredients they already have on hand (such as pantry staples and spices) and order the remainder through AmazonFresh directly from the same app. 

Customers also don’t have to give anything up for the cost of convenience — the meal plans are flavorful and nutritious. “Our advanced algorithms can instantly analyze more than 3 million dietary factors to create the perfect meal plan and grocery list, optimized across the week’s recipes ensuring ‘meal kit’ efficiencies at less than half the cost,” explains Nadeau.

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The seamless experience of planning and ordering meals is now live and will cost users $99 per year. The new service seems a new and improved way to make weeknight dinners that practically make themselves.