Broccoli Rabe and Black Bean Quesadillas

Celebrate Wellness With 4 Nutrient-Packed Cinco de Mayo Recipes Featuring Broccoli Rabe

These takes on Mexican fare taste so good that they can easily trick anyone into eating healthy

While your friends are celebrating Cinco de Mayo with those macho (read: dangerous or life-shortening) tequila shots that involve snorting salt and squeezing lime juice into their eyes, celebrate the fifth of May with wellness in mind by enjoying one of the world’s healthiest dark leafy greens: broccoli rabe.

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For many, Mexican cuisine consists of quesadillas from Taco Bell and nothing more. If you show up to your friend’s house with a bag of Mexican fast food, you’ll certainly ruin Cinco de Mayo. Instead, try out a vegetarian quesadilla recipe featuring two dietary fiber-rich fillings: broccoli rabe and black beans.

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Sure, a few shots of tequila may put some hair on your chest, but wouldn’t you rather slow aging than speed it along? Broccoli rabe consumption has been linked to slower aging, stronger bones, a decreased risk of hypertension, and inflammation resistance. If you must have a little tequila, soak it up with these amazing Spicy Korean Beef Tacos With Broccoli Rabe.

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Itching for some tacos but hesitant because of a newly adopted grain-free diet? We suggest checking out the tortillas that are taking the grain-free market by storm. If you’re not worried about consuming some animal-based fat, fill your grain-free tortillas with some pork belly as suggested by the following tantalizing recipe. If the mayonnaise is causing you some hesitation, swap in protein-packed Greek yogurt (we have more quick and easy swaps to make your Cinco de Mayo menu a tad healthier here), but we'll find (or forcefully make... hello, squat rack) room in our diet for these pork tacos with DIY pickled red onions.

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Love the idea of Mexican but tired of the standard flavors? These Greek Chicken Fajitas With Broccoli Rabe benefit from refreshed flavors (courtesy of a thyme- and oregano-based marinade and cucumber mint salsa). They also pack a sneaky nutritional boost, as broccoli rabe is teeming with vitamins A, C, and K.

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The accompanying slideshow is provided by The Daily Meal’s Angela Carlos.

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