health news 2018

The Best and Worst Health News of 2018

From romaine lettuce to cancer warnings, this is what happened this year in health
health news 2018

Romaine lettuce made headlines this year, but not for anything good!

2018 gave us a lot to reflect on. The world lost some influential celebrities, including food icon Anthony Bourdain and musician Mac Miller. Ariana Grande had her biggest year in pop culture yet. Meghan Markle became the Duchess of Sussex. The whole world bickered over her wedding dress. The biggest stories in food news were wild. And (in all honesty) 2018 was kind of a mess when it came to politics and global events. 

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All things considered, it’s been a pretty rough year. Some days, it seemed best to just turn off the news and tune it all out. But there was one area that delivered lots of good news: health.


Health science is ever-changing, and each year brings with it a slew of groundbreaking discoveries. The world’s understanding of nutrition has grown by leaps and bounds, thanks to the dedicated research of scholars at top universities and organizations. Of course, there is still a ways to go — and some of the health news discovered this year was more of a bummer than an innovation. But taking into consideration the biggest, buzziest stories and the lessons behind them, these are the best and worst pieces of health news from 2018.