20 Things To Appreciate About Your Body Right Now

It's easy to say, "You should love your body just the way it is!" But it's much harder to make that actually happen. We live in a culture with all kinds of body ideals, setting often unattainable standards for everything from weight and shape to age and ability.

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As a result, it's easy to get lured into focusing on the areas in which your body falls short of the ideal. Maybe you hone in on how small you wish you were or how much you wish you were taller. Maybe you can't stop worrying about a pimple on your chin or a stretch mark on your thigh. Whatever your insecurities, they can build up fast. Amid all the self-deprecation and attempts to change your body, you might forget how wonderful of a thing it really is to even have one.

When's the last time you took a second to just appreciate that you have a body? People tend not to do this; and in fact, some people can't remember even one time they ever felt gratitude for their body at all. But no matter how your body looks and no matter how you perceive it, here are 20 things you can appreciate about your body right now, as is.